Accessible Web Applications

The internet provides millions of people with a place to learn, explore, work, socialize, and have fun at their fingertips. Access to the web enables people to manage their health, bills, and schedules. Thanks to technology, no one has to be left out of these experiences yet every day millions of people are. Chances are your website is blocking potential patients, customers, students or employees from getting the information they need. Every stage in the development cycle from writing to design to development and testing plays an important role in ensuring accessibility. If you would like to learn more, join the Iowa Web Accessibility, UX, & Inclusive Design meetup group.

Pixel Art

Creating art is fun and therapeutic. Pixel art is nostalgic to many and others enjoy the mathematical element to achieving pixel perfection. I wanted to bring this activity to everyone in the form of a web app. The Pixel Art app works with the mouse, keyboard, touch devices and is screen reader friendly.